Corrosion of stainless steel angle bar

Corrosion is the damage caused by chemical or electrochemical action between the metal and the medium. The corrosion resistance refers to the ability of the stainless steel angle bar to resist the corrosion damage of the medium. Therefore, when the corrosion resistance is involved in the metal selection, the following points must be paid attention to.


 First of all, the standard of corrosion resistance is determined artificially. Not only must it be recognized, but it must also not be constrained. It is necessary to determine whether the stainless steel angle bar is corrosion resistant according to specific requirements.


Nowadays, most of the corrosion resistance performance of stainless steel angle bar uses the 10 level standard. Which level is selected as the corrosion resistance requirement requires consideration of the thickness and size of the equipment and components, the length of the service life, and the quality of the product. Generally speaking, For equipment, meters and components that require smooth mirrors or precise dimensions during use, you can choose 1-3 standards; for equipment that requires long-term no leakage or limited use, select 2-5 components; for low requirements, easy maintenance or For equipment that does not require a very long life, the components can be selected from 4-7 grades. With special exceptions, stainless steel with an annual corrosion rate of more than 1mm under the conditions of use is usually not used. It is also clear that the level 10 standard is for local corrosion. Time is not applicable.


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