Surface treatment method of stainless steel pipe

(1) Mechanical method: Use a grinder, polishing machine or other mechanical to remove the rough surface of the coating and polish and polish it. 

(2) Chemical method: use alkaline solution for degreasing, acidic solution pickling and organic solvent to dissolve grease and decontamination. 

(3) Electrochemical method: Application of electrochemical degreasing and electrochemical etching. 

(4) Rolling, centrifugal rolling, centrifugal disc polishing and rotating polishing are suitable for small parts and have the functions of leveling and descaling. 

(5) Sandblasting: It is suitable for large area treatment, and has the functions of decontamination and removal of oxide scale. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt appropriate pretreatment methods for the quality requirements of the subsequent treatment of stainless steel pipes according to the different surface conditions.

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