Stainless Steel Angle Bar

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  • Publish Time:2022-06-27
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Stainless steel angle bar, commonly known as angle iron, is a long strip of steel with two sides perpendicular to each other. There are equilateral stainless steel angle bar and unequal stainless steel angle bar. The two sides of an equilateral stainless steel angle bar are of equal width. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of side width × side width × side thickness. For example, "∟30×30×3" means an equilateral stainless steel angle bar with a side width of 30 mm and a side thickness of 3 mm. It can also be expressed by the model, which is the number of centimeters of the side width, such as ∟3#. The model does not indicate the size of different side thicknesses in the same model, so the side width and side thickness of the stainless steel angle bar should be filled in on the contract and other documents to avoid using the model separately.


The stainless steel angle bar can be composed of various stress-bearing components according to the different needs of the structure, and can also be used as a connecting piece between the components. It is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transporting machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouses.


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