Precautions for welding 304 stainless steel pipe

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  • Publish Time:2022-06-20
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1.     In the welding process, the bottom layer and the cladding layer are treated differently, and the appropriate welding materials are selected for welding.


2.     In order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the cladding, the composition of the weld seam of the cladding should be the same as the composition of the cladding steel as much as possible.


3.     At the junction of the two layers, in order to prevent the coating from being diluted by the bottom layer and reduce the corrosion resistance, the key to welding is to handle the welding of the two-layer border, and a transition layer can be set between the bottom layer and the coating.


4.     Post-weld heat treatment For welded components of large-thickness stainless steel wrench, post-weld heat treatment can eliminate welding residual stress.


5.     It should be noted that when the heat treatment temperature is high, the decarburization of the iron cable will be formed on the carbon steel side, which will reduce the progress; while on the stainless steel side, it will be carburized and become hard and brittle, resulting in a reduction in impact toughness and a welded joint. risk of failure, which is undesirable.


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