Characteristics of HCADTO Stainless Steel Angle Bar

Stainless steel angle bar is right-angle steel with two sides perpendicular. It can be used as force-bearing structures or connecting structure so that it widely used in various modern construction projects. Here we will introduce you its characteristics:

316 stainless steel angle bar: corrosion resistance, stable high temperature strength

321 stainless steel angle bar: corrosion resistance to crystal

410 stainless steel angle bar: strong resistance to welding deformation and high temperature resistance

430 stainless steel angle bar: strong corrosion resistance, good formability, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance

420 stainless steel angle bar: high quenching hardness, magnetic

HCADTO Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. the Stainless Steel Division of ADTO GROUP, specializes in manufacturing stainless steel pipes, stainless steel angle bar, flat bar, round bar, square bar, hexagonal bar and channel bar in various grades and sizes. Our years of production experience and manufacturing facilities will ensure the good quality and competitive duration of our products.