Quality Identification of Stainless Steel Angle Bar

1. Surface. The surface is because of the serious damage of the rolling groove, which causes the unevenness of the surface of the stainless steel angle bar.    

2. There are scabs on the surface. It will be the unevenness of the stainless steel angle bar material, and it will also be caused by the poor equipment of the manufacturer.    

3. The horizontal ribs on the surface of the stainless steel angle bar are thin and low. The manufacturer exceeds the large negative dimensional tolerance, and the reduction of the first few sides of the finished product is slightly larger.    

4. Easy to expand and contract. Expansion is a variety of curves produced by the surface of the stainless steel angle bar. This type of shortcoming revolves around the vertical direction of all commodities.    

5. There are cracks on the surface of the fake stainless steel angle bar. The blank used for the stainless steel plate is adobe, which has many vent holes, which is very easy to cause cracks when it is heated.    

6. The surface layer is dark red or pig iron color, without metallic texture. It will be because of the blank material, and it will also be because of the irregular cold rolling temperature.    

7. Easy to scratch. The manufacturer's equipment is simple, resulting in excessive burrs.

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