14 Different Shapes Of Stainless Steel Metal

Stainless steel is one of the most used metal. It has incredible features and abilities which proves to be beneficial. This is because, it is resistant to corrosion, highly durable, hot and cold temperature resistance, appealing appearance, etc. These qualities of the stainless steel make it different from other materials of metal. To work with it, you just need to assure that you’re getting it in the right shape and size. Above all, it becomes necessary to make sure that you’re buying it from an eligible fabricator.

Here are a few different shapes which could prove you to be helpful while selecting  the right sheet metal shape for your project.

1. Circle :

It is such a critical shape which demands special attention. It is a two-dimensional shape that needs to be of equal distance from the center. This distance is called radius and is half of the diameter. The right sheet metal fabricator will be using a cutting technique that will guarantee the size of the circle.

2. Rectangle :

It is a flat shape with four sides. Every side has to be in a right angle to give a definitive shape of a rectangle. While ordering this shape you just need to give 2 linear measures as the other two sides would be identical. Based on these sizes, a fabricator will be able to calculate the price accordingly.

3. Square :

It is somewhat similar to a rectangle. The only difference is that its all four sides have to be equal. You just have to the same measurement in the required fields to get a perfect square.

4. Ring :

It is a circle with an inner cutout. To make a perfect ring, it has to be formed by giving attention to every detail as it involves two “separate” circles in it. By providing a radius of both the circles, you can customize to your specifications.

5. Frame :

This shape is similar to the previous one. A frame has a inner cutout that describes either a rectangle or a square. To get it fabricated your way, you just have to provide measurements of the outer and inner rim of the frame.

6. Tray/Box :

It is a shape which has to be bend after it has been cut with accurate care as it involves many angles and measurements. Not only would you have to provide measurements of the rectangle or square but also the height of the four sides to form a perfect tray or box.

7. Z-Channel :

It is a shape that forms an alphabet ‘Z’ which is also known as Zee, Z-Bar or Purlin. At every side, it has to be fabricated at the right angle. By providing the measurements of all the three sides which are involved describe a “Z” your Z-channel can be fabricated.

8. U-Channel :

The U-channel as two sides which in most cases are of equal height. But you also can define one side shorter then the other. In that case the U-Channel is referred to as J-Channel. A U-Channel is also called a C-channel as it forms the shape of a “C” or a “U” depending on your perspective. This shape is fabricated in such a way that a metal rail is in between of two sides which are bent at an angle of 90-degrees.

9. Hat Channel/CAP Profile :

A Hat-Channel is like a U-Channel with lips bend to the outside of the channel. Providing 5 measurements to the fabricator, will give you the shape and the size you require.

10. Rectangle with an Inner Circle :

It is a rectangle with an inner cut in a shape of a circle. To order this shape, you’d have to give the size of the radius and two consecutive sides of the rectangle.

11. Angle or Corner Guard :

In many DIY or home improvements projects, an angle or corner guard is part of the project. It is an L-shaped piece of metal which can vary its angles (bend radius) as per your requirement.

12. Partial Circle or Divided Circle :

This type of object would be in the shape of a circle with distinctive variations. You can get it for half-circle or a circle with the division. This shape is different from the circle as it won’t include the entire 360 degrees. Instead, it would always be less than 360 degrees.

13. Isosceles Triangle :

The isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two sides that are of equal length and as a result will have at least two equal angles. You only have to provide two measurements to define a isosceles triangle as the rest will be mathematically solved and calculated.

14. Right Triangle : 

As per the name suggests, this type of shape is formed in the 90 degrees while keeping the other sides at angles of 45 degrees. You just need to give the measurements of all three sides by specifying its facing (either right or left).

Considering these shapes in your planning phase before ordering the sheet metal for your next project can help you the most. This way you will get what you need in shape and size you require.