More U-Beam Steels, Less Wastage

The U-beam steel is a kind of long-strip steel whose cross section is in a groove shape. It is categorized as the carbon structural steel, which is able to be used for construction and machine manufacturing. U-beam steel is mainly used in the construction process of building structures, curtain walls, mechanical equipments and some vehicles.

The most significant reason that the U-beam steel can be used so widely is that it is able to help the construction site to effectively save raw materials. This is beneficed to its good mechanical properties and perfect designed cross section. 

On the one hand, good mechanical properties bring the equilibrium epitaxy level to the surface of U-beam steel's cross section when this kind of steel profile is being rolled. It also has less internal stress than other traditional steel profile. Compared with I-beam steels, U-beam steels have larger cross sections and lighter per unit weight. They are helpful for decreasing the use level of non-regenerable steels. The specific data is about thirty to forty percentages.  

On the other hand, we can actually say that the U-beam steel is almost an updated version of I-beam steel. Its cross section has almost twice the mechanical function of i-beam. Its U-shaped appearance can effectively reduce about 25 percentages of the welding and riveting work. Both sides of u-beam steel is parallel. The bottom of it is rectangular, which making the process of assembling and welding become much more easier. By the way, the U-beam steel is especially suitable for large construction, such as workshops, skyscrapers, outdoor billboards, etc.

The U-beam steel has low production cost, high precision and low residual internal stress. There is no need for expensive welding materials and particularly accurate weld detection, which means you can save up to 30% of the cost of steel structure construction and improve efficiency at the same time. 

They can also be processed and combined to meet different needs of engineering design and construction. Its chemical composition is also stable as the carbon content is rigorously calculated, which gives the U-beam steel a good anti-erosion ability so as to maintain a long service life.

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